Sunday, July 17, 2016

We were recently in San Diego, and it just so happens there was a MAC store a block away from our hotel. Fate, I tell you. So, I told my husband to find something to do for about 20 minutes while I browsed. 

I feel like I've been hearing about MAC for so long, it's surprising I didn't own any makeup products yet. I went to my local MAC counter a few months back and picked up Mac Fix Plus (you can see my blog post about it here. Spoiler: it's amazing) but I hadn't grabbed any makeup products until now.

The store had a sale going on - buy one lip product, get the second free. I picked up two lipsticks: Brave, a satin finish with a pinky-beige hue, and Patisserie, a lustre finish in a natural pink. Brave is great paired with a neutral eye, while Patisserie can be worn every day, or paired with a more dramatic eye look. I would have to say Patisserie is my favorite of the two, simply because it's a more wearable everyday color for me.

I also picked up an eyeshadow duo - at MAC they have different size compacts that you can fill with whatever shades you'd like. I went for a few that seem to be staples in the beauty world - All That Glitters and Cork. All That Glitters is a pinky-beige shimmer shade that looks great all over the lid, while Cork is a golden brown matte shade that works perfectly in the crease. Paired together, these are the only two eyeshadows I need to create a natural eye look.

Now that I've seen what all of the fuss is about, I get it. The lipsticks apply beautifully, and while the ones I purchased are not particularly long-wearing, they do wear off evenly throughout the day. The eyeshadows are blendable, and when applied over an eyeshadow primer they last from morning to night.

Left to Right: Brave, Patisserie, All That Glitters, Cork

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  1. Great picks! I want to try Brave, you should check out Twig also a satin finish .