Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Every time I watch a makeup tutorial by MannyMUA or Jaclyn Hill on YouTube I always end up being jealous of their wide collection of Morphe Brushes. Manny recently made a video of his favorite Morphe Brushes and I pretty much just went down the list and ordered everything I needed that they had in stock on Black Friday when the entire site was 20% off. I now have 6 new best friends, let me introduce them...

First, I must say that these brushes are amazing quality for the price - it's hard to believe. I honestly love all of them and have been using them regularly in my makeup routine.

M412 Mini Concealer - This is such a great small multi-purpose brush. Sure, you could use this for concealer, or you could use it to pack on pigments or eyeshadow onto the me.

E32 Oval Concealer - Yeah, could use this for concealer, or you could use it to apply shadow to the lid. I also really like this for highlighting just under the brow.

M507 Pointed Mini Blender - I don't have a brush like this in my collection so I'm really glad I picked this up. There are many times that I want to use a small amount of a dark color in my crease, and all of the brushes in my collection have been too big until now. This is perfect for applying color in a specific area.

E13 Oval Shadow Fluff - This brush is great for general eyeshadow application all over the lid, or for blending out the outline of a color after you've packed it on the lid.

M501 Pro Pointed Blender - Jaclyn Hill uses this brush for highlighting so naturally I had to have it. She's right - it's just perfect for the job - applies and blends color like a dream.

M527 Deluxe Pointed Blender - This was the brush I was the most excited to receive. I was in desperate need of a bronzer brush, and this fit the bill. It picks up the right amount of product and is soft enough to blend out the product perfectly.

The good news? Morphs brushes are great quality and have a very reasonable price tag. So, what are you waiting for? Get ordering! Jaclyn Hill just released a video of her favorite Morphe brushes so I'll be placing another order very soon.

What Morphe Brushes would you like to add to your collection?

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  1. The pointed blender sounds pretty good. I'm never tried that before. :]

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